NEW bt-cocktail® ampoule redefines skin energy

This advanced, new powerhouse optimizes skin fitness and resilience against intrinsic and extrinsic aging triggers.

Bio-Therapeutic, a company synonymous for almost fifty years as a pioneer in technology accelerated skin care, is introducing a new weapon in the fight against modern skin aging with the new bt-cocktail ampoule. This powerful formula replenishes skin while boosting resilience against a broad spectrum of extrinsic and intrinsic aging triggers like pollution, climate and lifestyle.

“Every day, our skin is defending against a myriad of assaults from the outside world, as well as those endemic to our lifestyles.  Each one of these battles reduces the skin’s energetic reserves, which in turn accelerates the skin aging process.  We wanted to address this problem in a unique way, one that’s built on our energetic understanding of the skin by supporting resilience,” said David Suzuki, Bio-Therapeutic’s CEO.

The new bt-cocktail ampoule is built around the latest botanical technology, featuring a powerful set of ingredients harvested from lab grown moss, one of the most resilient plants on earth.  Mosses were amongst the first plants to inhabit the earth 470 million years ago, and have thrived through hundreds of millions of years of dramatic climate changes through their incredible ability to adapt. A synergistic blend of Adenosine Triphosphate and ATP precursors offer a rapid recharge to skin, while Thiotaine provides wide spectrum antioxidant protection.

While the concept of marrying science and nature is not new in skin care, Bio-Therapeutic’s expertise in the body’s energetic system, a set of reseach and insight that led to the pioneering of microcurrent in 1974 by company founder James Suzuki, has meant a novel approach.

“We’ve been talking about premature aging as a problem of skin energy for years now,” said David Suzuki.  “And while other regions of science are now catching up, with things like the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging, we’re one of the first to bring this insight to topical skin care.”

Built around a lightweight formula that leaves a delicate, dewy glow on the skin, the bt-cocktail ampoule pairs well with many of Bio-Therapeutic’s signature technologies in the hands of the professional skin therapist, including microcurrent, ultrasonic, microdermabrasion and microexfoliation.  Savvy consumers can also use the formula on it’s own or with the new bt-micro fusion, which delivers 30,000 Hz of ultrasonic oscillation to help apply ingredients to the skin.  Packing this product in a sterile glass ampoule also helps ensure optimum ingredient potency and sterility, protecting the five ingredient technologies that are each at maximum levels.

The bt-cocktail ampoule starts shipping worldwide in November, 2021. RRP 82.50 € / GBP 70.95 + VAT

The product will be available at fine skin centers and spas nationwide, and online at or from your local skin centre