LaBante London – Be The Change

LaBante London is a cruelty free, sustainable accessories brand that makes the most luxurious handbags and wallets. Established in 2011, LaBante London designs and produces accessories with an ethos of ‘Fashion With Respect.’ Their bags, shoes, and jewellery are vegan and zero waster. They use a circular approach for items, so instead of creating waste, they recycle plastic bottles salvaged from landfills to use in their product to push Boundaries of Sustainability further.

What’s more is that they plant 10 trees every item enabling you to offset about 20% of your annual carbon footprint!

Featured here is the Kindness wallet is a two-tone wallet made of soft Napa faux leather and features a unique v metal hardware. We use the word ‘kindness’ because for every wallet sold because she is completely cruelty free and she plants 10 trees for each one sold. Available in Brown, Grey and Black.

Link: – RRP £49.99