DR.VEGAN® Experts Ease Bloating & IBS Symptoms With Unique Formula

New Debloat & Detox has clinically tested ingredients for optimum support

DR.VEGAN® – the UK’s ground-breaking range of vegan vitamins and supplements – is launching Debloat & Detox which offers a new, affordable, natural solution to effectively relieve bloating, eliminate digestive discomfort and detoxify the liver.

Almost 1 in 3 people in the UK say they suffer from IBS, and 4 in 10 people regularly suffer digestion issues.  DR.VEGAN®Debloat & Detox provides clinically studied ingredients in optimal doses to eliminate bloating and combat symptoms of IBS.

Created by expert nutritionists, it contains a unique blend of botanicals and amino acids, including an optimal level of the widely studied Milk Thistle and Silymarin with L-Glutamine and effective botanicals, including Fennel[1], Artichoke[2], Dandelion[3], Schisandra[4] and Burdock[5].

DR.VEGAN Debloat & Detox contains Silymarin, derived from Milk Thistle extract, as well as Milk Thistle powder.  According to DR.VEGAN® consultant nutritionist Shona Wilkinson the ingredients chosen are unique in this blend.  “Compared to standard Milk Thistle formulas, we’ve added the essential Silymarin from Milk Thistle extract, as well as Milk Thistle powder.  Most standard milk thistle supplements don’t use this and it’s a common – but little known problem – that unless you have the extract providing Silymarin, you won’t get the benefits people often expect from milk thistle.  Dandelion is a great addition in this formula, helping with any fluid retention, and Artichoke is a prebiotic promoting a healthy gut as well as a source of fibre to reduce digestive issues.”

Bloating seems to be on the increase and many suggest its caused by increased stress stimulating the body’s “Fight or Flight” response which negatively impacts gut health.  Eating quickly, at our desks and working from home has meant increased snacking.  This combined with more processed foods are leading to bloating and weight gain according to Shona Wilkinson:

 “We created our formula after our own research into the issue of bloating and IBS symptoms, with the latest figures suggesting nearly half of us suffer digestion issues and as many as a third of us suffering from IBS.  Debloat and Detox is the ideal formula of the most effective botanicals and amino-acids all working together to help alleviate symptoms, ease discomfort so that everyone can get on with living their lives to the full.

DR.VEGAN® provides the most comprehensive formula for debloating and detox’ing at the most affordable price.  DR.VEGAN Debloat & Detox, £16.99, 60 caps, 2 a day (57p p/d).  It comes with Free First Class delivery and DR.VEGAN’s 30 day money-back guarantee across it’s range.

All DR.VEGAN® products are derived only from the world’s most sustainable producers and are designed to be compatible with every type of diet.  Three quarters of DR.VEGAN® customers are not vegan but choose their supplements because they’re healthier for them and better for the environment.  All packaging is compostable or recyclable, and customers receive the iconic refillable DR.VEGAN®  pill tin with their first order.  The refillable pill tin is a new innovation in supplements to address the huge waste in supplements and adds even greater convenience.

[1] Fennel Seed – research here which concludes “… study suggests that T. ammi and F. vulgare seed (Fennel seed) extracts could contribute as a highly significant bioresource of antioxidants to be used in our day-to-day life and in food and pharmaceutical industry.

[2] Artichoke – research here: “..results obtained demonstrated that artichoke extract exhibited significant preventive protective effect against acute alcohol-induced liver injury. 

[3] Dandelion – article here on Medical News Today

[4] Schisandra –Research here and here

[5] Burdock root – Widely clinically tested Research here