Show off your makeup with confidence – everclear ELITE

2022 is a go. Most of us are triple-jabbed and ready to make up for two years of social distancing by seeing our friends and family. As we open our makeup palettes, it’s important that we step out onto the town feeling our most confident and glamorous selves. Now glasses can be a stylish look, but many of us have grown fed up with wearing them over lockdown, and in colder weather, we’re still susceptible to the timeless issue of foggy glasses.

If you’re keen to leave your glasses at home and show off the latest smokey eye technique you’ve perfected over lockdown, then everclear ELITE daily contact lenses will keep your eyes as fresh as your outfit. These premium daily contact lenses from Vision Direct are designed for optimum comfort. You won’t have to worry about dry or itchy eyes while you’re catching up with friends, you can just focus on enjoying the moment with confidence.

These dailies are made of a more flexible and breathable material, so if the party runs on a little longer, no problem. And should your evening get extra wild, no problem! These premium lenses are daily disposable, so if you get a little dirt or glitter in your lenses, you can pop them in the bin.

Reclaim your social life with a sparkle in your eye. But don’t just take our word for it. You can trial everclear ELITE for free here.