Natural Elements

Since 1998 we have researched, developed and manufactured natural and organic skin care for small boutique brands and professional beauty ranges. We’ve pretty much remained in the background for most of that time, bringing innovation to skincare

We helped guide the industry on what consumers didn’t want to use ie: the harsh chemicals they didn’t want to use and the organic ingredients they wanted to use.

Now we bring you our formulations directly from our manufacturing base here in the UK direct to you, no middle men, so the prices are fantastic using the most expensive ingredients and the best results by miles.

Also For those seeking a new, non-surgical face lifting treatment, our Maxi Technique Face Lift based on proven facial exercises and scientifically based, natural and organic anti-ageing products  eliminates the need for expensive machines for anti-ageing treatments more in demand than ever before, this pioneering combination is set to raise the bar in the beauty world.

The Maxi Lift Face Lift is based on four acclaimed exercise techniques in conjunction with products from the Natural Elements 10 Years Younger range, delivering profound results.

The exercises lift muscles in the face, eye and neck areas while the facial oils and accompanying creams penetrate deep into the dermis. Results are immediate and dramatic, hydrating parched skin, smoothing fine lines and reducing the appearance of premature ageing.

In tandem with the exercises, the 10 Years Younger facial oils help to prevent mitochondrial decay, a process that leads to cellular decline and is now regarded by many scientists as the main underlying cause of ageing. Containing ultra potent anti-oxidants to neutralise super-charged free radicals (think super food in skin care form), these vital oils offer a formidable free radical-scavenging capacity that is unrivalled, in a form which is uninterrupted by synthetic chemicals.

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