Hair V Go is the “no-laser, no-razor” approach to treating unwanted facial hair

Introducing Hair V Go

Hair V Go is specifically formulated to effectively treat, clear and reduce fine, downy hair and has been specifically formulated to remove the so-called “peach-fuzz”.

Hair V Go from Clinogen Laboratories is a revolutionary hair removal treatment which will help to bring an end to the misery suffered by millions who have unwanted facial hair. Around 40% of women will experience this embarrassing condition – why not help them and grow your business at the same time.

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Why Can Photo-Epilation Fail on Facial Hair?

Laser or IPL treatments cannot effectively tackle vellus hair due the absence and/or lack of melanin.

At present, the most popular method of treating unwanted hair is photo-epilation – laser and IPL. Both need a conduit for the energy – this is the melanin within the hair. However, vellus hair presents two major issues:

  • there is little or no melanin in light coloured hair
  • there is a lack of density of melanin in darker hair

Dark hair has a much thicker cortex with abundant melanin, i.e. dense pigment, whereas lighter hair has a thinner cortex with relatively little or no melanin. Whilst it is accepted that blonde, white, grey and red hair cannot be treated successfully with photo-epilation, it has also been observed that dark vellus hair is also less likely to respond due to lack of density of pigment.

Solution: By adding Hair V Go to their treatment portfolio, clinics can offer a complete hair reductions solution.

How Does Hair V Go Work?

The high pH formula targets keratin – the main component of hair, slowing down hair growth and decreasing length and density of the hair.

By travelling down the follicle, the formulation begins to disable the stem cells within the bulge. These stem cells are responsible for creating the hair follicle and regenerate not only the follicle but also the epithelial layer. Therefore, unless we can disable or destroy the stem cells, hair will continue to grow. Hair V Go progressively disables stem cells within the bulge which reduces their activity, hence hair reduction is achieved.

Result: The treatment leaves the skin is left feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

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