6 Creative Ways To Use Your Soap Bar

Because we’re all about that multi-use vibe!
It’s week 10 of lockdown, or should we now be calling it ‘semi-lockdown’? ‘Relaxed lockdown?’ ‘Go to parks, walk twice a day, pee behind a bush and pop to a garden centre lockdown…?’

Regardless, whatever words you choose to use to describe this stage of the overwhelmingly sad COVID-19 pandemic we currently find ourselves in, one thing is for sure: people have been getting seriously creative since March.

From designing ‘fake restaurants’ and attending virtual cooking classes, to birthday parties and weddings on Zoom. One Dad in the States even staged a whole graduation for his daughter because her University cancelled the ceremony. We know, some mega cool-parent points awarded for that one!

So, all this creativity really got us thinking about how we can get crafty with our beloved bar soap. We asked ourselves, what other benefits could we be getting out of our soap bars right now?

And boy, did we come up with some treats! Take a look below for six pretty versatile options for how you can get creative with your bar at home:

Clean your make-up brushes 

First and foremost, and especially in the current climate, bar soap should be used to keep you and your hands squeaky clean and super safe. 

However, now that we’re allowed out to socially distant play with a friend again, we’re assuming that lots of makeup bags will be brought out of the cupboards they were stashed into back in March.

First top tip from us is that the final slivers of your soap bar are amazing for cleaning makeup brushes and microfibre cleansing cloths! You heard us, just rub the remains into the bristles or directly on the cloth, rinse with warm water and ring out the excess. It’s time to keep everything as clean as it can be! 

Relieve insect bites 

Soap bars are commonly known to help soothe the itchiness of a pesky insect bite because of their skin-calming ingredients. Just dampen your bar slightly and rub onto the affected area.

You only need a tiny amount to do this, so either use the corner of a crisp-new bar or a small last chunk and the itch should ease almost instantly. Try it out next time you get chosen by the local mischievous mosquito. 

Keep your clothes smelling funky fresh

Many of us store our jumpers and warmer clothes away in a drawer over the summer, only to grab them back out again come winter and have them smelling a little, shall we say, fusty. 

Well, fear not! Adding a dry soap bar (new, or a few end pieces) to your clothes drawers will keep your garms smelling fresh– and in the words of hip-hop legends Outkast, you can sing ‘don’t you think I’m so sexy I’m dressed so fresh so clean!’ Honestly…we’re not joking! 

Extra benefits: soap bars in your drawers should also help repel insects such as moths from gnawing on your threads. 

Prime your eyebrows 

You might have already seen our founder Kas explain this one on our Instagram stories the other day, and we promise you, it really works and its life changing! Grab an old mascara wand or a fresh spoolie and coat the bristles in your favourite soap bar. 

Once evenly coated, take to brushing the soap into your brows and styling them how you like it. The soap clings to each individual hair making them stay-put and look HD-kinda flawless.

What’s more, as nuddy soap bars are laced with super moisturising shea butter, your brows will be getting the best care too, and all for a lot less $$$ than your usual brow primer costs. 

Make a homemade loofa 

Got a spare mesh bag lying around? Well, if so, pop your leftover pieces of bar soap inside the bag and tie it up tightly. This combination of sultry soap against coarse mesh makes the perfect loofah to exfoliate and moisturise your skin until its soft and supple! 

Hang the bag in your shower and refill as you go, your skin will thank you in the long run for a little scrubbing every now and then.

Mark fabrics to upcycle your clothes 

If you’ve got into making your own clothing during lockdown, you go girl! Whether you’re coming up with your own designs completely or upcycling some old pieces, then a soap bar is your new best friend. It’s great for marking hem lines on fabric for your next sewing project and leaves no evidence post alteration! 

Avoid having to look online for a special pen and just guide the corner of a bar along to mark the line you need. Rest assured that it will just wash straight out leaving zero marks on your finished masterpiece. Genius! We’ll take a cute co-ord please? 

If you’re looking at doing something a little more meaningful with bar of soap, then we are still offering the option for you to donate a bar to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have the means to, and want to donate a bar to Beauty Banks, we will match every donation given to ensure that everyone, everywhere, is getting what they need and #stayingsafe.

 Words by Lauren Wallace

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