It Started With A Shower
26th November 2017. One gal. One shower. One big idea.



So we set about switching soap bars from the bottom shelf, to the top and have been lathering you babes up ever since.

What Makes Us Different

Our Soap Bars are formulated using Rich raw African Shea Butter – they clean your skin and moisturise it at the same time. The dream.

Our products are all vegan friendly, cruelty free and tested on our Founder, K + her filthy friends.

An Independent, Female Led, British Brand

We’re unapologetically ourselves. An independent, female led, British brand. We’re doing our own thing. You won’t find any plastic or crappy ingredients here. What you will find is a reason to fall back in love with bar soap.

nuddy Was Born

nuddy was founded by 26 year old Brit female Entrepreneur, Kassi Emadi in July 2018. Kassi struggled to find a good quality soap bar which connected to her as a conscious and creatively motivated consumer. With her background in PR and creative marketing along with a genuine love of a good old soap bar, Kassi set out to make soap cool again. nuddy was born. Premium quality soap bars, a cool brand and a genuine story behind it all.

What Does nuddy Mean?

noun INFORMAL . BRITISH in the nude.

1950’s: humorous alteration of nude.


nuddy isn’t just a word, it’s a feeling. To feel free + vulnerable, yet empowered. Not just when you’re ‘in the nuddy’, but all day, everyday.