A Treat That Treats

Inlight intensely nourishing Chocolate Mask offers a great home Spa experience. 

Rich in Cacao, great source of anti-oxidants and vitamin E for the skin, and with aromas of chocolate orange, it really is irresistible! 

Includes argan oil to nourish, refine and detox pores; rose to restore and balance the skin; and baobab – the 21st century superfood to gently exfoliate and deliver a burst of antioxidant protection. A great weekly treat.

Key benefits:

  • gentle natural exfoliation without chemical peels
  • decongesting and highly nourishing
  • keeps skin clean and velvety soft



Welcome to a Transformational Experience into Sustainable Luxury Beauty

“Beauty is a manifestation of what is inside, outside, above, below. it is a comprehensive alchemy combining aesthetics and feelings, emotions and passion, perceptions and sensitivity, numbers and geometry.”

The root of our skincare range 

Doctor of medicine, medical herbalist, homeopath and renowned skin expert, Dr Mariano Spiezia, brings a lifetime of investigation and study into our skin and overall health through each Inlight Beauty formulation. His passion for beauty, wellness and sustainability is echoed throughout the family run business who vows to bring us closer to nature. 

The entire range is 100% organic certified, free from synthetic chemicals, water and alcohol. Pure nature, nothing else. 

Mindful, sustainable packaging is chosen with our Planet at heart. 

Slow Beauty – 100% handcrafted in Cornwall UK.

Every aspect of the Inlight production is practiced under one roof, ensuring quality and care at every step. From mixing and crushing the herbs and flowers, to making our own botanical bases, to pressing, filtering, filling, and packing.

In-house extracts

The organic raw ingredients are ‘distilled’ in-house and exposed to the sun and moonlight for over a month to harness their unique strength and properties slowly and naturally. During this slow maceration process rejuvenating phyto-nutrients, antioxidant plant extracts, skin loving botanical oils work together in synergy to deliver destined results. Nature doesn’t rush to achieve perfection, so why should we? 

The added X-factor responsible for the high efficacy of Inlight Beauty products is Dr Spiezia’s Bio-lipophilic Matrix®. The Matrix, a key component in every Inlight product, consists of a concentrated blend of botanical oils energised prior to production using a patented technique – a fusion of modern science and ancient alchemy – that enhances the oils’ vitality. When applied to the skin, the oil delivers an intense burst of super plant oil nutrition to feed, calm, plump and revitalise the skin. 

Green chemistry, nature’s alchemy, science & innovation, sustainability & respect accompany each step of Inlight’s artisanal production ensuring high quality, kindness to the skin and care for the planet we share. 

“Alchemy is the ancient root of modern science, beyond science itself. – says Dr Spiezia – By fusing alchemy and science, working closely with nature, we create products which tune in with the skin’s biochemical process, recreating the original unity. The body recognises the synergy in the molecular structure of our formulas and works with the active ingredients, bringing beauty to life.” 

Science meets Alchemy 

We are delighted to confirm that our bespoke techniques during production have a positive impact on the matter emitting 1/3 more photons, proving a greater vitality of the active ingredients. 

A 2021 Hyperspectral scientific Study concluded that compared to similar products on the market (waterless, organic, handmade) Inlight showed remarkable results upon application and over time: 

  • More luminosity & radiance: higher biophotons emission from the skin. 
  • Higher Thermal activity: better blood & lymphatic flow. 
  • Lower entropy: optimum self-organisation at a molecular level resulting in a more effective and uniform interaction with the skin, immediately upon application and ever greater over time. 

The Inlight collection embraces a complete range of skin, body and wellness care for daily and treatment use. 

Founded by Knowledge, Guided by Alchemy, Inspired by Nature 

Available from inlightbeauty.co.uk and selected UK stockists including Fenwick of Bond Street, Nelson’s Pharmacy, Naturisimo, Beauty Heroes.