WBX Europe

At WBX we are convinced that our products are designed and built to the highest possible standard, using the very best in materials and choosing manufacturing partners that share our simple, some may say old-fashioned  philosophy that “only the best is good enough”.

We believe that building quality in right at the start of our manufacturing process is not only good for our customers but good for us too – we eliminate waste and deliver remarkable and unique products and remarkably good value.

Our products carry our unique 5 year guarantee. Some years ago we ran an advertising campaign centred upon the 5 year guarantee, “meet Jill”. Jill became so bored that she decided to take early retirement – in the decade that we have been offering this guarantee there has not been a single claim.

So choose the best, choose WBX ….

In this section you will find all the technical information you need, from product dimensions to simple care instructions. Our business is built upon relationships; we have no interest in selling you one chair but we want you to consider us as a lifetime partner, so if you don’t find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

Oh yes, and we forgot to mention. All of our unique reproduction range is hand crafted in the UK. By UK craftsmen. The pursuit of quality isn’t always about the balance sheet …