The Changing Face (Halo) Of Fashion: Meet the Brand Behind the Most Exciting Global Sustainable Evolution Yet.

With over one billion makeup wipes being saved from landfill since it’s launch in 2017, Face Halo is no stranger to disrupting the beauty industry. Now, the cult sustainable beauty brand have set their sights on revolutionising the fast-fashion model with the launch of Modern Merch, turning it’s own product into upcycled streetwear.

 Since the brands inception, founder Lizzy Pike’s goal has been to one day close the manufacturing loop on the reusability of the Face Halo product. Each Face Halo has a life after its traditional beauty use and after discovering how wasteful the fashion industry can be, especially with exponential growth of trend based fast fashion, Lizzy felt it was a natural extension to apply the upcycling method to the production of clothing. 

Now, the brand announce the ground-breaking launch of Modern Merch –a curated edit of upcycled clothing. Designed and upcycled in Australia, a team of local designers hand-stitch the upcycled Face Halos onto the garments to create refreshed and trend-led clothing. 

“The consumer shift to a more eco-friendly way of purchasing fashion and beauty has begun. Research that we commissioned last year shows that 34 percent of women want to make eco-friendly purchases more mindfully. We see the same challenges in fast fashion as we do in beauty, consumers are trapped in this continual purchase cycle. As a result we want to bring the expertise we’ve gained through the production of the Face Halo to create pieces that are timeless, durable and wardrobe staples. We want to encourage people to buy less and buy better.” 

Lizzy Pike, Co-Founder, Face Halo

Split into two collections: the OG and the Limited Edition; the brand has forecasted that within just a year, over a thousand Face Halos will be upcycled into a new, wearable form. 

The OG collection includes upcycled shorts, sleeveless vests, t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms and jumpers, whilst the Limited Edition collection featuring custom shoes, tracksuit bottoms and jumpers, along with a small makeup pouch made from excess and upcycled Face Halo packaging. Each piece has been designed to make you feel and look your very best. A bespoke Tote Bag will also be launching as a gift with purchase on all online orders.

Prices for the OG Collection start from £45 and the Limited Edition collection starts from £15. The full collection is available exclusively from