Can you loosely tell me what NAD+ is? also, why the ‘+’?

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a natural molecule that is found in every single cell in your body and it is estimated to be involved in more than 500 different reactions that keep your cells in good health. It is positively charged (hence the ‘+’).

NAD+ is an essential part of the process that turns the food you eat into the energy that your cells need to function.  It also switches on cellular maintenance and repair processes that fix and recycle damaged cells.

Unfortunately, NAD+ levels have been found to decline as you age and this decline in NAD+ correlates with cellular damage and the onset of many of the complaints associated with ageing.

How does it help with anti ageing? and why is it better than other anti ageing molecules?

NAD+ has recently gained a lot of attention as scientists have demonstrated that boosting NAD+ back to youthful levels has the potential to rejuvenate old cells back to a state of youth.

As NAD+ is found within every single cell in the body, unlike some anti-ageing molecules, boosting NAD+ has a widespread effect in the body leading to diverse beneficial effects against ageing and age-related disease.

At a whole body level, boosting NAD+ levels has been scientifically proven to restore age-associated muscle loss, increase endurance and strength, increase neurogenesis, improve cognition and memory, decrease amyloid-beta production (associated with Alzheimer’s) and improve markers of metabolic health such as increased insulin sensitivity.   Ultimately, all the scientific data shows that maintaining your NAD+ levels slows your rate of ageing and increases your healthspan.  Healthspan is a term that is becoming more widely used.  In contrast to lifespan, which is simply the number of years you will live, healthspan is the number of years you will live in good health, independent and free from frailty or disease.

Where can i find NAD+? Is it just supplements?

Both exercise and fasting are scientifically proven to boost your NAD+ levels and another increasingly popular way is to use an NAD+-boosting supplement.  This type of supplement is a fairly new addition to the supplement market but has the credibility of strong scientific research supporting the benefits of boosting cellular NAD+.

Will it be added to products soon?

Some companies sell tablets or powders containing ‘pure NAD+’ and advertise them as a method to directly boost your body’s NAD+ levels. Sadly, these products don’t work as advertised because NAD+ is broken down in the digestive system before it can reach the bloodstream, let alone the cells where it’s actually needed.  The best products are those that restore your bodies natural ability to make its own NAD+.  For example, Nuchido TIME+ a supplement which contains a patented formulation of ingredients that restores the cells’ natural ability to make NAD+ with youthful efficiency and is clinically proven to raise cellular NAD+ levels 4 times higher than the current market leaders.