KND⁴. Kind 4 your hands. Kind 4 you. Kind 4 everyone, everywhere.

KND⁴| Available from | 30ml Hand Gel: RRP £3.00 | 250ml Hand Gel: RRP: £12.

Who said hand sanitizers couldn’t be chic? KND have seriously cracked the code with their hand gel duo, available in two sizes, so you can feel prepared for every situation!


Perfectly pocked sized; small enough to fit into your jeans pocket but promising to deliver big results, the 30ml Hand Gel is a must have essential for the imminent return to pubs, bars and restaurants!

Whist the larger 250ml bottle can be kept in your house, at the office, or can be used to top up your smaller tube; whatever the situation, KND have designed a range to keep you safe, offering instant and uncompromising results, every single time.

Proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and with a 60% alcohol level, KND has got your back! The rinse-free gel is gentle on the skin and infused with energising grapefruit extract– yum! And all enclosed in a chic sophisticated tube, I mean, what’s not to love?

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