IsaDora launches the IsaDora Nude Essentials – Spring Make-up 2015

[Dubai, February 15, 2015] IsaDora, Europe’s best-selling cosmetics brand, has launched its Nude Essentials Spring Makeup Collection at stores in the UAE. IsaDora, the popular Swedish makeup brand, is one of the fastest-growing cosmetics brand in the UAE with products that are free of fragrance and clinically tested. The Nude Essentials collection consists of the Nude Sensation Fluid Foundation, the new Eye Color Bar, Fine Liner Eye Stylo, the Perfect Moisture Lipstick, the Perfect Powder Rouge, Twist-Up Matt Lips, and the Eye Shadow Crease Brush. IsaDora is available at major retail stores such as Paris Gallery, Debenhams, Boots, and Lifestyle.

NUDE SENSATION FLUID FOUNDATION: Nude Sensation is a new generation of foundation formulations. It has a super fluid texture with an airlight feel. Nude Sensation instantly fuses with your skin upon application and leaves a nude, perfect finish with a “no make-up” feel. The super fluid texture requires a special dropper applicator.

The EYE COLOR BAR is all you need to create a classy eye make-up. It has a delicately soft and silky texture with a velvety feel, extra-long wear, and is versatile for both day and night time use. It is easy to blend for a sheer to deeper color.
The EYE SHADOW CREASE BRUSH is ideal for applying eye shadow in the globe line, while the
FINE LINER EYE STYLO is a liquid eyeliner with a thin nylon tip for a precise or bold line. The Fine Liner Eye Stylo is richly pigmented for a guaranteed covering effect. It has intense, deep carbon black pigments, is long lasting and water resistant.

The PERFECT MOISTURE LIPSTICK is a moisturizing, creamy and richly pigmented lipstick that resists feathering. It contains conditioning and moisturizing Panthenol.

The PERFECT POWDER ROUGE is a richly pigmented and long-lasting blusher. A special micro-technique grinds the pigments into a super fine texture, creating a smooth and highly pigmented blusher.

The TWIST-UP MATT LIPS is for velvety matt lips with a satin soft feel. It’s creamy yet lightweight. It is intense and long lasting. It has a specially shaped tip for an easy and precise definition of the lip contour. The lipstick is infused with moisturizing and protective ingredients. It has both papaya fruit and orchid flower extracts in it.