Gruhme – A Brand For You

Gruhme was the idea of Rob Hallmark, our CEO and Founder.

When Gruhme started in 2013 the mission was not to go head-to-head with the more established brands but to offer an alternative to them. The focus was to be creative, innovative and pioneering – much that was lost from many major designer brands in the male fragrance and personal care industry.

At Gruhme we have worked hard to bring back that personal drive and passion to male grooming and fragrance whilst maintaining a mainstream appeal. Attention to detail and aesthetics are more important to us than just churning a profit and following the herd. We want each experience you have with Gruhme to feel personal and to give you a sense of belonging to something unique.

Welcome to your new world. We hope you will stay with us on our journey from a one-man start up to an industry changer. Afterall, without you there is no us.

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