Four Tattoo After Care Balms

Keep Your Skin Feeling Soft & Looking Fresh This Spring With This New Generation of Skin Care

One in five people in the UK now has a tattoo traditional aftercare has been mainly up until now a sachet of gloopy barrier cream given to help speed up healing time often resulting in a reaction on newly sensitive skin.

Now, talented artist Alice Nicholls with over a decade experience in tattoo artistry, has developed FOUR TATTOO CARE: an all-natural collection of nourishing balms formulated specially for use after tattoo as well as popular semi-permanent make-up application.

Four Tattoo Care is four balms developed to nourish and protect skin after treatment. Based on the knowledge that different skin types and areas of the body need specific products – the skin on our face is a lot more sensitive than that on our leg – which is why traditional after care creams and gels have not worked for so many before.

All natural and vegan-friendly, these lightly whipped balms are free from chemicals and preservatives and use the finest quality essential oils and botanicals to treat skin so your tattoo or semi-permanent ink stays looking fresh and beautiful – for longer! 


Four Dry: infused with frankincense essential oil for its anti-bacterial and moisturising properties, soothing allantoin extract works to leave  skin feeling silky soft after just one application.

Four Oily: Oily areas need rebalancing to help protect skin natural barrier and to help your tattoo heal and repair more quickly. Four Oily is made with natural lemon oil extract loaded with vitamin C to build back collagen and reduce dark patches on skin.

Four Mature: Created for mature skins that tend to lose tattoo colour and semi-permanent ink more quickly, this luxurious balm enriched with geranium extract not only helps cool and calm skin, the potent botanical complex helps boost cellular regeneration of the area that’s been treated.

Four Sensitive: Just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a beautiful tattoo or enjoy the benefits of semi-permanent make-up which is why the super soothing ingredients in this clever balm including lavender work so well to calm, smooth and protect.

Proud to be planet-friendly, Four Tattoo Care Balms are packaged in sustainable glass with bamboos and the stunning designs gives something extra to your experience in the salon or studio.

Priced at just £15 for a long lasting 30ml, jar, Four Tattoo Care could become as addicted as having another bespoke tattoo!

Four Tattoo Care is available to wholesale, price £7.50 for 30ml jar, minimum of 10 to order.

Available selected outlets and at or call Alice Nicholls 07927 611737.