Eco Fires The Perfect Choice For Your Spa

Creating the right ambience in your spa and beauty room is a must to ensure your customers have the relaxing, restful experience they want. Heating providers Smart Fire UK have worked with some of the top UK hotels and spas including the Mandarin Oriental and Eden Hall Day Spa.

Their range of green, clean burning EcoSmart fires are the perfect choice to create that ambience whilst at the same time add stylish design to the room.

These green fires are fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture, which means they need no chimney, flue or extraction system. This means they can be placed anywhere within a room.

Popular choices within the wellness industry include the EcoSmart Fire Tower, Cyl, Ghost and Styx.

Tower is a real statement fire. This heater, which stands at 1.4 metres tall, encompasses classic and contemporary design.

The flame is set on top of a black powder coated steel plinth, with a stainless steel burner and glass surround which adds to the drama of the design.

Ghost is an elegant, almost invisible fireplace made from toughened glass and stainless steel.

The reflective glass panels surrounding the fire helps to create an ambience and warmth.

Cyl is a cylindrical shaped tea light fireplace with a round, stainless steel base and a toughened glass surround.

This discreet yet stunning heater is a stylish addition to any room.

Stix, a fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire, is an award winning design which works well in outdoor, relaxation areas.

The design consists of varying lengths of tubular stainless steel sticks, which sit around a burner.

The fire comes in two finishes, brushed stainless steel and black powder coated steel.

Paul Holt from Smart Fire UK said:  “Bio-ethanol fires are the perfect choice for spas and beauty salons.

“They let out a consistent heat which can be controlled and they’re low maintenance needing very little cleaning and certainly no ash and soot which you’d associate with a real fire.

“Because there is no need for a chimney or a flue, less space is required. Additionally there are no issues dealing with mains gas as the fire has it’s own independent supply of fuel.”

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