DERMAMAY Meets The Latest Trends Of Professional Skin Care Products

Medical and beauty equipment provider with more than 20 years of experience in beauty market “Astrameda” launches the new brand DERMAMAY.  

DERMAMAY brand covers skin care product line which is due to professional beauticians. All of the products are produced in France by the request of “Astrameda” and meet high standards of quality. Skin care products address regeneration, moisturizing and vitality for the face skin.

The great innovation in face mask market is products with bio cellulose. Bio cellulose is formed of a specialized nano scale fibre structure that enables itself to retain a high volume of serum and allows extra contact surface area on a skin. Due to this the serum in which the face mask is impregnated properly penetrates to the skin in about 20 minutes. Under the name of DERMAMAY professional beauticians find bio cellulose anti-ageing, moisturizing, purifying and oxygenating face masks and eye patches. Each of the masks is impregnated in serum full of unique, patented ingredients: based on rare Swiss apple stem cells, Hyaluronic Acid and others.

Anti-ageing & lifting tissue face mask is one more product we are proud to offer. This face mask has a special strong tensor effect because of upper and lower notches. Those notches are hooked to the ears. This exclusive feature has been announced as significant innovation within development of face masks in 2014.

The idea behind DERMAMAY brand is to make daily beauty treatments simple and effective. The usage simplicity is based on clear instructions on each product package. There are no additional products in the package apart from face or neck mask and serum. Due to this there is no risk to use the product in not a proper manner. Immediate effect after the first beauty treatment enhances self confidence. There are already many professional beauticians across Europe who achieves desired result using DERMAMAY skin care products. The result inspires us on developing the product line and brings great satisfaction and pleasure to the professional beauticians and their clients.

For more details about the products, please visit or approach by e-mail, mob. 07534177144.