Working in the hair and beauty industries means there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as watching a client leave the salon delighted with their new look, although sometimes this is easier said than done. Baroque Hair Director, and all round business expert, Tom O’Brien, offers advice on how to effectively deliver exceptional customer service.

“At Baroque Hair, creating lasting and trusting relationships with our clients is crucial to us, so we adopt a multi-pronged approach to achieve our customer service. Firstly, we aim to build trust in our clients, earning their confidence through delivering the very best in hairdressing standards. Knowledge is key to delivering this first-rate service – that is why we make sure every member of our team is well educated on our craft. We make sure that all of our staff members are knowledgeable and up-to-date on every element of hairdressing, from new product knowledge to the latest colouring techniques. Only then can we be confident that we are delivering the very best service to our clients. Customer service means making sure our clients enjoy a wonderful overall salon experience that feels more like visiting a friend than just attending a hair appointment. Creating this experience begins from the minute the client steps through the door, and must include creating a welcoming environment, where the client can relax, enjoy a choice of complimentary beverages – freshly-ground coffee, healthy herbal teas or a glass of wine – before enjoying their hair appointment in luxurious surroundings, where they can be pampered and rejuvenated indulgently.


We find that trust usually leads to client loyalty. If our clients can trust that we are giving them the highest level of hairdressing skill, in the most luxurious surroundings, and they are confident that they can visit our salon and will be treated to the very best service, then they are more likely to be loyal to our salon and brand. The hairdressing industry is a very service-focused industry, and client-facing is an obvious element of it, so being able to look after clients with care, compassion and understanding is therefore crucial. Clients need to feel valued and looked after and as hairdressers are so hands-on, being entrusted with such an important part of a client’s appearance means that the more trust you can build with a client as a brand, the more loyal they become to you as a company.


It’s important that exceptional customer service is carried out by all staff members – from front of house to salon managers – every team member should be a part of your salon’s customer service strategy. Constant communication with our team is our main strategy: we continually evaluate the service we offer, critically analysing it, changing and adapting any areas we feel are not so successful and strengthening the areas we feel we are the most important. Always ensure you remain dynamic and responsive in your approach to customer service – your clients’ needs are constantly evolving, and your strategy needs to evolve in line with this and not become stagnant.


Finally, we always ask our clients to review their hair service – as well as their overall client experience – via email and through social media. The client gives us a mark out of 5 and we reward staff monthly, focusing on who has received the most five-star reviews. This is a great way to incentivise our staff to deliver exemplary customer service. Using social media as a review tool forces you to keep your standards high, as the review and rating can be seen by the public. We also encourage our clients to post selfies to show how happy they are with their hair. This exposure is a great tool for encouraging staff to constantly deliver.