Award-winning hair salon Anderson’s Hair is continuing its plight to save the British Bee by hosting a ‘Bee Awareness day’ at its sustainable salon situated in the heart of Merchant City, Glasgow.

The stylish salon embraces an eco-friendly ethos, which works in harmony with the values of its chosen product partner, Italian haircare manufacturer, Davines.

Since it opened its doors in November 2014, the salon has enjoyed a string of successes including two award wins at the Salon Business Awards 2015, and most recently, scooping up the Best New Salon accolade at Creative Head’s Most Wanted Awards. Never one to rest on their laurels, however, the team not only provides its customers with affordable treatments in its beautiful salon, but also dedicates time and effort to improve their green credentials while giving something back to the environment.

In May, the team facilitated a month-long focus on activities that encouraged guests, clients and their families, to become ‘friends of Plan Bee’ by a variety of means.

Plan Bee is a movement that is exclusively engaged in the restoration of healthy honeybee colonies to their natural environment and the ethical production of honey and associated natural products. The total deficit of honeybee colonies across Europe amounts to around 13.4 million colonies, which is about 7 billion honeybees.

This deficit affects our everyday lives directly as bees and other insect pollinators are the underpinnings of a successful agricultural economy. Without their free pollination services our supermarkets would have no strawberries, apples, pears or lemons, to name but a few.

Following on from the success of Plan Bee, the salon hosted a Bee Awareness Day, where guests and their families were invited to listen to a talk about Plan Bee and view a practical demonstration on harvesting honey from a real beehive.

During the awareness day, visitors had the opportunity to ‘adopt a bee’, starting from £1 for a Drone, £1.50 for a Worker and £5 for the Queen Bee, herself. Each of the donations collected will go towards a real beehive, helping the honeybee population recover and support the honeybee related initiatives around the UK.

Says Keith Anderson, Director, Anderson’s Hair: “We chose to support Plan Bee as its eco values work in synergy with Anderson’s Hair and Davines. Plan Bee demonstrates passion and commitment in creating a lasting contribution to the environment.

“We will continue to spread awareness about the importance of bees, as they are not only essential to the health of the eco system, they are also vital to the world’s agricultural economy.”

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