Are you missing a step in your beauty routine?

Research shows that oral hygiene is the often-neglected step in Brit’s beauty regime, especially following the pandemic, when lack of a routine and access to a dentist has seen poor habits creep in for many. For too many of us (23%), taking care of our teeth means brushing teeth only once a day and only 31% of us floss on a regular basis.[1],[2] Worryingly, only 68% of us are actually brushing for the recommended two minutes.[3]

Yet what’s more attractive than a nice smile? And what’s more of a turn-off than bad breath? And why don’t we include oral health when we think about preparing for a night out, or caring for our appearance? In the world of dating the first kiss is everything but how are you going to get there if your oral hygiene isn’t up to scratch? Between 15% and 50% of people suffer from bad breath worldwide – that’s a lot of people who’re going to struggle when it comes to getting their date to lean in long enough for a smooch![4]

According to Zandielle Dental Practice hygienist Hannah Ripley, “A good flossing routine removes food particles and plaque from building up between the teeth and it’s these lingering bacteria that cause bad smells. The tongue is another bacteria hotspot, so make sure you brush your tongue to further reduce odours. DenTek have a new range of eco-friendly interdental care products that are great for cleaning that 40% of the tooth that brushing alone misses.”

“Many people don’t realise that bad breath can actually be a warning sign for more serious oral health problems, like tooth decay and gum disease, so if you’re experiencing a persistent problem, you should make an appointment with your dentist or hygienist for a check-up.”

Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes is recommended, and this combined with interdental care are the building blocks to healthy teeth, a confident smile and fresh breath. When chatting up your future husband or wife, this is a strong start… the rest is down to good conversation skills and chemistry, right?

DenTek’s newly launched interdental brushes have been made using Birch Wood, which creates less waste and uses less energy in the manufacturing process, even than rival eco materials such as bamboo.  The wood itself absorbs less water, which means the wire brush won’t split from the handle when used in the bathroom environment. DenTek also plant more trees than they use and because birch is a climate positive material, the trees work to reduce additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to take care of your teeth that doesn’t involve compromising on your green ambitions? Well, wonder no more! Following the launch of DenTek’s eco range, it’s possible to make choices that are both good for your oral hygiene and for the planet.