The internationally acclaimed Allilon Education Art Team has launched Reverie – a beautiful and dynamic colour collection inspired by the animal portraits of artist, Emily Tan.

Known for creating organic abstractions that create patterns in a non-representational way, Tan inspired the team to create an expressive colour collection of 16 striking images.

Boasting dramatic shapes with colour that was literally thrown onto the hair in the style of the artist’s work, the collection has a dreamlike, ethereal quality. Colour Director Madeleine Murphy played a major role in developing this collection, and using inspiration from Emily’s individual portraits, created colour palettes that would turn her work into real life by using hair as a canvas; the textures, colours, and techniques used to layer colour upon colour. Using true to life tones with a mix of brighter shades, colour is almost unnoticeable until up close.

Says Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education: “Emily’s work inspired us to create a collection that uses colour in a non conventional way. Freedom of expression was at the heart of this creation, and bold haircuts and Davines Mask colour was used to really capture the expression of our inspiration – Emily Tan.

Hair: Allilon Education Art Team
Colour: Madeleine Murphy
Photography: Andrew Gilbert
Make-up: Melissa Bourne
Clothes styling: Giuseppina DeCamillo