Air Brushes

The Airbrush Company have a variety of high performance quality airbrushes and compressors to suit any price range.  Each airbrush offers features which make them very versatile so they can be used for a wide range of applications such as cosmetics, body art and nail art. All airbrushes are dual action and have an internal mix. Being dual action, the user has more control as both air and product-flow are controlled by the trigger.

As the product is mixed with the air internally, the product is atomised evenly giving a perfect finish.  All airbrushes below are gravity fed and have an ergonomic top trigger design. With such versatility, an airbrush from The Airbrush Company is a valuable tool for any artist.  Traditional makeup can settle in pores and lines whereas airbrushes give a flawless finish especially when view in HD on screen.

Sparmax Max-4 Airbrush:

The most affordable airbrush is the Sparmax Max-4 airbrush which is priced at just £45 and has a 2 year UK warranty. The Max-4 atomises so well at low pressures that it gives excellent performance with even the smallest of compressors. It has a medium/large 0.4 nozzle and needle combination making it ideal for coping with thicker and heavier products such as foundation. The high-flow airbrush offers a wide spray pattern but due to the high level of engineering, artists can also achieve a fine pencil line. The airbrush comes with an additional crown cap so artists can get closer to their work and achieve even finer detail without risking damaging the needle.

The Max-4 has a large 7ml gravity-fed cup and comes with an additional pre-set handle for more control. The pre-set handle limits the colour flow to avoid over-shooting. Although dual action, the Max-4 can easily be converted into a single action airbrush (where only the paint is controlled with the trigger) with the Single-action Air Valve that is included. Some people prefer a single action if working for longer with a uniform spray pattern.

A cleaning brush is included and the airbrush has a two year warranty. The Airbrush Company also have kits available which include a compressor, hose and cleaning pot as well as the airbrush.

Sparmax Arism and Arism Mini compressor:

Sparmax Arism compressors are a new generation of efficient compressors that are extremely powerful for their compact size. Promoting quality at an affordable price they are ideal for professionals and enthusiasts and are priced at £95. Both the Arism and the Arism Mini Compressors are very small and yet offer a reliable high performance, surpassing similar sized compressors. They are capable at powering heavier paints such as foundation and versatile enough to be used on a variety of applications such as cosmetics, nail art and body art. A two-metre braided hose is also included with a standard 1/8 BSP fitting on the airbrush end of the host to fit most airbrushes.

The Arism Mini Compressor comes in a choice of eight stylish colours and has an in-built airbrush holder in the handle. This tiny yet powerful compressor is perfect for when space is an issue. Being so lightweight and with an ergonomic handle, they are ideal for mobile artists.  With a working pressure of 0 – 28 PSI they provide 30 minutes continual use, with only a cooling time of 10-15 minutes needed.   They are operated by a simple on/off switch and have an easy to use pressure adapter.

The Sparmax Arism compressor is slightly larger than the Arism Mini but still very compact. It is capable of a working pressure of 0-35 psi and offers 40 minutes continuous use. The Arism is an automatic compressor, so turns itself off when not in use. It features a pressure gauge and comes with a Silver Bullet moisture trap to deliver perfectly dry air. The Arism is priced at £125.

Neo for Iwata CN Airbrush:

Made for Iwata, the Neo CN is an excellent airbrush priced at £60.50 with a 5 year warranty.  The Neo CN is designed to atomise well at even lower pressures so is compatible with the very smallest compressors. It offers versatility for a wide range of applications such nail art, cosmetics and body art. The 0.35mm needle and nozzle combination and the high level of engineering means artists can achieve fine detail up to a one inch spray pattern. The Neo comes with two interchangeable cups so the user can have the option whether to use the large or smaller cup. The airbrush can also hold 0.9ml of paint without the cup which is useful for doing very fine detail such as nail art.

Iwata Revolution CR

Iwata produces the finest quality airbrushes on the market and are used worldwide by top professionals. The Revolution CR is engineered to high precision and the needle and nozzle are hand tested. With a 0.5mm needle and nozzle combination artists can achieve a wide spray pattern and use thicker products such as foundation with ease. Due to the finely tapered needle artists can also achieve fine detail. The CR has a 9ml gravity feed cup with a lid to avoid spillages. This elite airbrush retails at £110 and has a 10 year warranty.

Iwata Smart Jet Pro

A good quality air source is vital to airbrush performance. The Iwata Smart Jet Pro is a professional choice and an ideal partner for an Iwata airbrush. It is an automatic compressor with Smart Technology, so turns itself off when not in use.  Being extremely powerful, it provides 60 minutes of continuous use with a resting time of 20 minutes. The Smart Jet Pro has a protective metal case with an airbrush holder attached. It has a mounted pressure gauge and provides a working pressure of 0 – 35 PSI. A moisture filter and cooling hose are included inside the case, to deliver perfectly dry air and avoid any pulsing. It has a ¼ BSP outlet and comes with a 3 metre hose. The Smart Jet Pro is priced at £255.

RRP Prices:

  • Sparmax Max-4 Airbrush with Pre-set Handle and Crown Cap: £45 inc. VAT each
  • Sparmax ARISM MINI air compressor: £95 inc. VAT each
  • Sparmax ARISM air compressor: £125 inc. VAT each
  • Sparmax ARISM MINI air compressor with Sparmax MAX-4 airbrush and cleaning station: £150 Inc. VAT each (available in 8 colours)
  • Sparmax ARISM air compressor with Sparmax MAX-4 airbrush, moisture trap and cleaning station: £180 Inc. VAT each
  • Neo for Iwata CN Airbrush: £60.50 inc. VAT each
  • Iwata Revolution CR airbrush: £110 inc. VAT each
  • Iwata Smart Jet Pro air compressor: £255 inc. VAT each

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