Passion For Natural

Made from only the finest ingredients

Peter Liversidge BSc (Hons), Cert HE, founder of Passion for Natural, is a scientist and creator of all the formulations in the range.

When Peter came up with the idea for Passion For Natural, his aim was to provide a skincare range that was ethical and environmentally friendly, using only the best ingredients to offer an effective and beneficial skincare experience.

With over 10 years of experience in producing cosmetics, Peter has created a brand that offers premium cosmetic goods at competitive prices. Produced in Britain, Passion for Natural products are highly effective, luxurious, suitable for everyday beauty, and may be the solution to many skincare challenges.

Peter’s tenacity to source only the best and most effective ingredients, expanded his knowledge of what ingredients work best to target problem areas, quickly learning which ingredients to combine to help tackle a whole host of skin complaints.

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