FFS Beauty

For Future's Sake

3 steps to recycle your blades

  1. Save up 12 FFS blades (you can store them in your box)
  2. Package your blades in your FFS box, back in their blade trays
  3. Send your box back to us at: FFS Beauty LTD, Unit 4 Morgan’s Business Park, Betty’s Lane, Cannock, WS11 9UU & we’ll do the rest!

blade recycling

Once the blades arrive with us, these are stored safely until enough have been collated. A member of our team will then empty blades into a container, where they are grinded up to break the materials apart. The metal and plastic elements are then separated…they’re ready to be recycled!

becoming a carbon neutral company

To help reach our goal of becoming a carbon neutral company, we’ve teamed up with Climate Partner – a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection, implementing solutions for calculating & offsetting CO2 emissions to achieve climate neutrality for companies.

sugar cane tubes

Our tubes are made from sugarcane polyethylene. Why is this better than normal plastic? Instead of using resources from fossil fuels (non-renewable and carbon dioxide releasing), we use resources from renewable sugar cane.

  • 100% renewable raw materials
  • 100% recyclable – when finished, simply rinse out & place in plastic recycling
  • Low carbon footprint emission

detectable black caps

Carbon Black continues to be used in high volumes for plastics, due to its low cost and high covering power. However, the problem with this is that it absorbs Near Infared Light (NIR) which cannot be detected by the recycling sorting facilities.

This is because the NIR light is not returned to the sensor but instead is absorbed by the plastic article and the result is that it ends up in landfill.

Our tube caps are made from PP which is a recyclable plastic & the black “masterbatch” that is used to create the colour is recyclable, as the black pigments used are oxide based so do not absorb the NIR rays. Therefore the sorting plants are able to determine the type of plastic being scanned and can sort and then recycle accordingly.

FSC approved cardboard

Our boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved recycled cardboard and are also 100% recyclable. This gives assurance that the material comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste.

Your box can be used to store your blades for recycling, but if you’re not using this, make sure to place into your cardboard/paper recycling when finished with.